Monday, October 19, 2015


If you watched the game between the Colts and the Patriots on Sunday Night Football, you were probably scratching your head when you saw the Colts, on fourth down with three yards to go, preparing to punt before shifting into a bizarre (illegal) formation that left two Colts players in the middle of the field, confronting five Patriots who were prepared to pounce on them.  The ball was hiked, and predictably, the man with the ball was tackled for a loss, giving the Patriots a chance to score from outstanding field position.

But now, the truth has come out.  The Patriots cheated. 

According to unnamed sources from within the Colts organization, Bill Belichick waited until Colts Head Coach Chuck Pagano put down his clipboard before sending a ball attendant over to the Colts sideline, where he inserted, into the papers on Pagano's clipboard, a sheet of paper with the fake punt diagrammed.  The next time the Colts' had to punt, Pagano called the play.

After all, it can't be that the Colts are inept or that whenever they play the Patriots, they find ways to self-destruct.  So, it has to be that the Patriots cheated.  We'll call it "Fake-Gate."

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