Thursday, September 11, 2014

What's Wrong with America

It's my birthday today--9/11--and it also happens to be the 13th anniversary of the worst terror attack on American soil.  So, I opened up to read the headline, "I Was Right, Say You're Sorry."  It was referring to a statement by John McCain (the man who could have been president) about his position in favor of staying in Iraq, and his response to President Obama's plans to attack ISIS.

Now, let's forget for a moment that McCain never saw a war he didn't like, and focus on the message.  What McCain was saying was not, "No matter what was done in the past, we should now come together to defeat ISIS."  That would have been the magnanimous thing to say.  What he said instead was that it's not about the country, but about who is right.

Now, assume for a minute that you support Obama's move to go back into Iraq, which is highly questionable to begin with.  Do we really need a bombastic former nominee undermining the country at this time?  And forgive me if I've given you the impression that it's just McCain or just the Republicans, because there are just as many Democrats going around tooting their own horns, rather than coming together as a country to address the issues.

So, I hope you'll join me, on this somber day of remembrance (which happens to fall on my wonderful birthday), in asking the politicians to stop grandstanding and start doing the job they were elected to lead America.

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