Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ted's Oscar Rant

I've been something of a fan of Seth MacFarlane's show, "Family Guy" for years, so I was hopeful when he was picked to host the Oscars.  However, that hope turned to grim shock the other night when I heard MacFarlane's movie character, "Ted," use what should have been a light, comic moment to rale against the perceived power of Jews in Hollywood.

Perhaps MacFarlane has been slighted by Jewish producers over the years, but this was neither the time nor the place to vent those feelings.  Aside from the fact that the bit wasn't funny (no one in the audience laughed), it was potentially damaging to Jews worldwide.  The Oscars telecast is watched in every part of the world, and that five-minute bit only helped to reinforce negative stereotypes of Jews while providing fodder for anti-Semitic thought.

I have always watched the Academy Awards, but if MacFarlane hosts again, I will likely pass.

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