Sunday, September 23, 2012

Save Us, Mr. Kraft

Last year, when the NFL underwent a lockout that threatened to close down the season, Patriots owner Robert Kraft, even while dealing with his wife's terminal illness, stepped in and engineered an agreement.  So, here we have the NFL in 2012, and the referees cannot come to an agreement with the league, which has gone out and hired the worst group of replacement referees imaginable, from Division 2 and 3 college programs.

They don't know the rules, they are heavily influenced by the coaches and the crowds, and they blow about 50% of the calls--that is no exaggeration.  Either that or they make no calls, allowing the games to more resemble hockey than football, with repeated fights breaking out.

We're three weeks into the season, and I've watched too many of these games.  It is painful...I'd rather they stopped playing altogether than continue with this farce.  I'm begging you, Mr. Kraft, to work your magic again and get the NFL refs back to work.  Otherwise, I will stop watching, as will millions of other viewers who feel ripped off by a sport which the league is allowing to fall apart.

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